Mission statement

Our mission at DirectBids is to provide a seamless and efficient online auction platform for large organizations and businesses to liquidate their surplus and idle assets. We strive to optimize the process of asset liquidation, offering a transparent and secure platform that maximizes returns for our clients. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure a smooth and successful auction experience for both buyers and sellers.

Our Team

DirectBids was formed by a group of experienced professionals in the field of corporate asset liquidation, who recognized the need for a reliable and efficient online auction platform to help organizations effectively manage their surplus and idle assets.

Jamie Morrison

With a keen eye for identifying valuable assets and a deep understanding of the corporate auction industry, I bring extensive experience and strategic leadership to DirectBids, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients’ asset liquidation needs.

Annie Hofstadter

Leveraging my technical expertise and innovative mindset, I spearhead the development of our online auction platform, integrating cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our corporate clients.

Happy Customers​

Customers love us because we efficiently and effectively help large organizations and businesses liquidate surplus and idle assets through our user-friendly online auction platform.